Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mystery Rash

The title may be deceiving.  Pretty much all of Rapunzel's eczema is a mystery rash.  But the other day, she broke out on her face during lunch, and left me scratching my head.

Everything on her plate was things she's eaten multiple times before:  Trader Joe's round crackers, Turkey lunchmeat, and cucumbers (she also had watermelon and banana on her plate, but she didn't eat them).  I re-checked the ingredients on the crackers and lunchmeat again, and they were all free of her allergens.  I texted this pic to one of my allergy-mom friends.

She agreed that it looked like a reaction.  After going over the ingredients with her, she had suspicions about the Sodium Nitrite found in the turkey.

She sent me an article about skin reactions to nitrates/nitrites and after doing some more of my own research, I wonder if this is what caused it.  So I guess we'll add that our list for now.  That's something we'll definitely be asking the Immunologist about in May.  Looks like it'll be more extensive label reading for me.

But ANYTHING to help this sweet girl feel better!

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  1. I bet it was the nitrates. My son can't have them either. He reacts by getting extreme migraines. Once we cut them out he's been great. My doctor also told me not eat any lunch or deli meat while pregnant. I have a list of foods containing nitrates in our kitchen but my son has the list memorized.