Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I thought I'd do an obligatory walk down memory lane of the past year.  I basically just pulled my favorite pictures and status updates from facebook to share here.  We've had an incredibly blessed year!

Aurora comes up to me with my earbuds in two pieces and says, "This just broke." I told her, "No, it didn't just break. You pulled it off." She says, "Did you see me?" And I (lying) said, "Yes." Her eyes get big and she just says, "Oh". That's right child, this mama has eyes EVERYWHERE so you better watch it! Lol

We use the saying, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" in our house. Aurora decided to change it up to suit her liking and now says, "you pick what you want and you don't throw a fit."

The kids were playing Just Dance 4 and the song "Call Me Maybe" came on and Aurora sings it in a pirate voice, "Call Me Matey!"

A small peak into how defiant Aurora is: She's eating her applesauce with chopsticks because I told her to go get a spoon.

Aurora: "Mommy, what you are doing?"
Me: "Taking the sheets off my bed so that I can wash them."
Aurora (with a very sympathetic look on her face): "Oh, did you teetee on them?"
Thanks, kid.

Aurora is playing the "Handwriting Without Tears" app on the iPad, and when she makes a mistake it says, "Give that another go". She insists it's saying, "Give that another goat."

For a few weeks now, I've been occasionally finding pee on the floor around the toilet downstairs. Of course, no one would own up to it, but I just assumed it was Hercules. I never made him clean it up though, because I didn't know 100% that it was him (I just cleaned it myself). Today, I hear Aurora yell, "Hercules, I did it! I stood up and didn't get any tee-tee on the floor!" Well, there ya go! Apparently she's been attempting to stand and pee like Hercules (only sometimes) does. I explained to her that only boys can stand to tee-tee. Not sure she's buying it, but at least now I know who to make clean up the pee mess if I find any.

Aurora turns to her friend, grabs her cheeks, and says, "You're as cute as... ME!"

Aurora's new joke:
Why did the chicken go over the street? Because he had no legs! Get it? NO LEGS!!!

Was watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the kids and when the abominable snowman came on the screen, Aurora screamed, "AHHH! It's a zombie!" SMH

 Every time we drive into Houston, we play "Belle, this is your life". Belle, there's the hospital you were born in. Belle, there's the apartments we lived in when you were a baby. Belle, there's the church you went to preschool at... She just gives us "the look". (if you know Belle, you know the look)

ME: Woohoo! The soccer fields are closed, so there's no practice tonight!"
Belle: Why'd you say WOOHOO??
Me: Oh, um, I meant BOO HOO!

Belle: I kept swallowing water at swim lessons and now I keep burping.
Eric: You're not supposed to swallow the pool water. That can make you sick.
Me: Life lessons here: Don't drink the pool water. Don't drink the bath water.
Belle: You're not supposed to drink the bath water??

This explains so much.

As I recover from being sick over Thanksgiving, my voice is fading. I'm at about 20% today. I was talking to the girls' piano teacher this morning in a muy muy soft voice, and Belle said "You sound like a sweet lady." Cause you know, I'd never sound like that with my normal voice.

Rapunzel: This strawberry-quiche smoothie is soooo good!
Me: Kiwi
Rapunzel: What?
Me: Strawberry-kiwi, not quiche
Rapunzel: Oh. Can you make a strawberry-quiche smoothie?
Me: I can. But I won't.
Just took all 4 kids for a quick trip to Trader Joe's. Walking through the frozen foods aisle "We Got the Beat" came on and I honestly think people thought we were starting a flash mob with the moves my kids had going on!

First time seeing white sand and the girls exclaim, "Look! Snow!"

 Teenage boy just came to my door with a fundraiser and when I answered he asked if one of my parents was home. Totally made my day!

I just had a most entertaining conversation with my 4 year old son while putting on my sneakers:
Hercules: are you about to exercise?
Me: yes
Hercules: with the exercise movie?
Me: yes
Hercules: oh, we haven't seen that in a long time.
Me: thanks... Do you want to exercise with me?
Hercules: no, I'm already strong. I'm stronger than Belle, Rapunzel, AND Aurora.
Me: oh you are?
Hercules: yeah, I can push them down really easily.
Me: well, that's not very nice.
Hercules: it's ok, it's only when we're playing "Bad Hercules"