Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mommy Fail

Last night I wanted to take the kids to do something fun after dinner because I knew Eric would be home even later than usual.  I googled myself silly to try and find a dessert that Rapunzel could have somewhere easy.  I found that Orange Leaf had 2 flavors of dairy-free "frozen yogurt":  Orange and Pineapple.  I looked over the ingredients and decided the pineapple was ok!  So I grabbed a pack of gummy bears from our pantry, loaded the kids up and headed to Orange Leaf.  I explained to Rapunzel that the only flavor she could have today was Pineapple and that I'd brought our own gummy bears for her to put on top and she was thrilled.

So all the other kids picked which flavors and toppings they wanted (I made them all go easy as they have been known to overfill and overtop their bowls, resulting in a $6 dessert! LOL

We all sat and ate our frozen yogurt.  Belle and Rapunzel finished first.  Then Rapunzel came and laid her head in my lap.  I asked her if she felt ok, and she said she was just tired, but I wasn't so sure.

Fast forward to after we get back home and I get them all into bed.  I sit down at the computer and the screen with the Orange Leaf ingredient list is still up.  I look at the ingredients again and see that the pineapple flavor contains ORANGE JUICE (Rapunzel is allergic to oranges).  I don't know how on earth I missed that.  I read every ingredient, but for some reason that must not have registered in my brain.

Luckily, she didn't seem to have any major ill-effects from it.  She didn't seem to feel great afterward, but it WAS getting late, and she'd gotten up early that morning.  So maybe she WAS just tired.  I'm just thankful that she didn't seem to react too bad to it.  We'll still be avoiding oranges until she's tested again.

But yeah, total Mommy Fail. :(

On a bright side, here are a couple funnies from the yogurt shop:

Me: Belle, what toppings did you get? 
Belle: I got a cherry, and a twig, and...
Me: a twig? 

B: yeah, this...
Me: that's a Twix 

B: but I just got one.
Me: it's not TWIGS. It's TWIX.  

B: oh, I always called it twigs.

Aurora: I'm done with this spoon.
Me: ok you can throw it in the trash.  

A: I licked it off, so I'm just gonna put it in that bucket (of new spoons)
Me: no, you used it, you have to put it in the trash.  

A: but look how clean it is!

Never a dull moment with these kiddos!

And... any other Big Bang Theory fans out there?


  1. If he turns out like Sheldon... oh the stories we will all share.

  2. Aww, thankfully she didn't have a bad reaction. You're still pretty Awesomesauce Mom. ;)

  3. Hugs to you! I can relate - we're human and make mistakes. Thankfully she was ok! What a great mom - taking your all kids out for ice cream! Awesome! They look so happy.