Monday, April 1, 2013

It's in the Bag

When Belle was diagnosed with her nut allergy in 2011, I had to start carrying an epi-pen for her.  I just carried it in the zippered pocket of my purse.  But then a couple of times I realized I'd left the house without my purse for whatever reason, or she'd been away from me (thus not having my purse with her), so I knew I needed to come up with a better solution.  So I bought a small zippered pouch that held the epi-pen and I'd move it from bag to bag or send it with her if she was going to be away from me.  Then when Rapunzel was diagnosed with her food allergies last year, I started carrying 2 epi-pens.  And not long after that I started adding things here and there until I finally bought a bigger bag and started calling it our Allergy Bag.

Here is our current Allergy Bag
It's so full that it won't close all the way (but everything is zipped in).


In our Allergy Bag, I carry:
1 Epi-Pen
1 Epi-Pen Jr.
1 Aerochamber
1 Xopenex inhaler
Benadryl Melts
Lactaid Tablets (which we don't need right now since we're trying Dairy Free, but Rapunzel is also lactose intolerant)
Lemonade mix packets

I carry the meds for obvious reasons.  The Calm Drops are very helpful for Rapunzel's anxiety.  They are homeopathic, so I feel comfortable giving them to her.  And they really do help.  They don't take away her anxiety completely, but they definitely take the edge off of it, so that she can function if she's anxious about something.  I carry the lollipops for when we're somewhere that has candy that Rapunzel can't have.  Like the dr's office or the kids' hair salon.  I carry the drink enhancers so that I can add them to her water when we go out to eat, so that she can have a "fun" drink too.

The bag is just a zippered make-up bag I bought from Charming Charlie.

On top of the Allergy Bag that I carry in my purse, both of the girls each have their own mini allergy bag.
Belle's has an epi-pen, Benadryl melts, and a Xopenex inhaler.  Rapunzel's has an epi-pen Jr. and Benadryl melts.  They take these with them anytime they will be away from me.

I bought these personalized bags from Thirty-One Gifts.

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