Thursday, April 11, 2013

Aurora's Turn

That moment when the nurses at the allergist office ask about your other kids by name when they see you...

Aurora got a turn at the allergist this morning.  She's been using the nebulizer for breathing treatments a lot lately and I just wanted to make sure we were doing everything we need to be to help manage her apparent asthma.
 She was such a big girl at the appointment!  Sometimes it's easier when they don't really know what's going on or why things are being done.  Eric stayed home for the morning with Rapunzel and Hercules and I brought Belle along to the appointment so that she could get her allergy injection while we were there.
 Belle's been pretty miserable from allergies lately.  The dr. actually took a look at her while she was there and we're going to add in Nasonex to her meds to try and get her nasal congestion under control.  The girl is so congested all the time and blows her nose a zillion times a day, which makes her head and ears hurt too.

The dr. listened to Aurora and said she was definitely a bit wheezy.  So first things first was a breathing treatment for her.
They tried to get her to take a peak flow measurement.  She tried, but I don't know many 3 year olds that can do that properly.  She definitely couldn't.  But it was a valiant effort nonetheless.

After her breathing treatment, it was time for allergy testing.  I was so super proud of my girl.  She teared up and "ow"ed, but was so strong and didn't complain too much about all the pricks.  Belle was a big helper and sat behind her fanning her back when she'd get itchy.
 She only reacted to Ragweed, which was good.  There's a definite possibility that more will show up the older she gets.  Belle and Rapunzel both tested similarly when they were younger, but they're obviously allergic to a ton more now.
Aurora was glad when it was over.  We decided to put her on a low dose of Pulmicort to help her get over this junk and to hopefully help keep it at bay.

She passed the time at the appointment by taking cell phone pictures of herself.  Here's a small sampling.
There's about 3 dozen more just like that on my phone.

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