Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview with Rapunzel, age 7

 How does having eczema make you feel?
It makes me feel itchy.  When I'm itchy I wish I didn't have eczema at all.

Are you itchy a lot?
Pretty much all the time, but not sometimes.  I'm always itchy at night though.

How else does having eczema make you feel?
It makes me feel sad.

What about it makes you feel sad?
I don't like hearing people talk about my eczema.

I think people might talk about it because they care about you and want to help.  What are some ways people have tried to help you?
By not eating corn in front of me.

Because you're allergic to corn?

 Do you miss eating some of the foods you're allergic to?

Are there still a lot of foods that you can eat that you're not allergic to?
Yes, I can still eat fish sticks, and sweet potatoes, and Subway!  And a lot of other stuff too.

Do you ever feel like you miss out on anything because you have eczema?
I miss out on having clear skin like everybody else does.

Did you know that over 30 million people have eczema?
{huge eyes} NO!

How does that make you feel?
It makes me feel better that other people have eczema too, that it's not just me.

Is there anything about having eczema that makes you happy?
I'm happy when it clears up sometimes!

Are there things you can still do even though you have eczema?
Yes!  I'm good at reading and piano even though I have eczema.

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