Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The BIG Appointment

I am so anxious to blog about this that I'm attempting to do it from my phone on our drive home!

Everyone tried to hide from the camera, except Aurora, who stuck her finger up her nose!

We got up early this morning and started our trek to Houston. We dropped Belle, Hercules, and Aurora off with family and then headed downtown to Texas Children's. The whole hospital is a pretty cool looking place. It's filled with all sorts of funny animal statues and decorations. Rapunzel thought it was so fun!

They got us back pretty quickly. When they tried to get Rapunzels vitals, she freaked. I gave her a Calm Drop and we made it through that. Then they moved us to an exam room. 

Rapunzel kept making this face when she caught us trying to take her picture. 

A few minutes later the resident dr. came in and asked us a ton of questions. Rapunzel really warmed up to her and for the rest of the appt. she acted like an old pro. She was easy going and let nothing bother her!  I was so incredibly proud of her!!

The resident left and talked with the Dr.  Then they both came in and talked with us. She let us tell her all of our concerns and our goals. I told her that basically, my goal was to figure out what was causing the eczema. Because we seem to have a pretty good handle on treating it, but its still bad. I used the analogy of a sick tree that I've heard before. Yes, we need to treat the branches, but you won't get anywhere unless you also treat the root. So I feel like we're doing ok treating the branches but I want to treat the root.

Proof that stress is a big trigger for her!  Look at this reaction on her neck just since arriving at the dr. appt.

She agreed 100% and we discussed many possible things that it could be (including allergies, but also other things that other drs have never addressed). 

We talked thoroughly about her known allergies, suspected triggers, and some genetic things. To be honest, we talked about so many things that my head is still reeling. It was wonderful. 

See... that face!

We spoke to a dietician to be sure that Rapunzel's dietary needs are being met with her strict avoidance diet. We were pleasantly surprised that she seems to be getting what she needs from her food and supplements. 

The dr finally ordered a lab panel of a few specific IgEs along with a few other things she wants to rule out. That was a lot of vials of blood!  There are still several things she wants to check based on these results, so we will go back in July to see what path we will pursue next. 

Even during the labs, Rapunzel did great!  She never cried, whined, or complained!  I almost cried because I was so incredibly proud of her. 

She applauded our diligence with Rapunzel's skin care regimen and our persistence in pursuing an answer. I get that a lot, but honestly, we do what we do to help our daughter. Any parent would do the same!

So, while we didn't walk away with answers today (not that I was expecting to either), I am confident that we are on the right path to finding them. 

I was overall highly impressed with the drs at this appt. It is totally worth the drive and I am so excited to have them on this journey with us!

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  1. I'm so excited that you had a great appointment. We will continue to pray that you find the answers you need to help her!