Saturday, May 18, 2013

Please Pass the Salt

We've been doing dead sea salt soaks for Rapunzel for several weeks now (months even?).  I can't remember when we started, but we've been adding 1c. of dead sea salt (from the actual Dead Sea in Israel) to her bath each night.  We read that the minerals found in the dead sea salt can help eczema patients by reducing the amount of water loss in the skin.  People with eczema have a skin barrier issue, which keeps their skin from retaining needed moisture, and also allowing in allergens and irritants.  I suppose I could say we've noticed an improvement.  She still flares, but we're able to better control it.  Is it from the dead sea salt soaks?  Who knows.  But we're going to continue them.

And after reading this article from the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center, I'm adding phototherapy to our list of things to ask the dr. about.

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