Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bathtime Reading

Rapunzel likes me to read to her when she is soaking in the bath.  She soaks at least twice a day, every day.  I love our reading time together.  It's a great chance for me to spend one-on-one with her and reading keeps her still and content while she's soaking.  I started out reading some classics that I'd normally choose for read-alouds.  But Rapunzel wasn't really getting into them.  She wanted FUN books for our bath reading time.  She's really into the Rainbow Magic Fairy books.  So I read her one or two of those.  But they were such fluff books that they made me want to gouge my eyes out!  So we went to the bookstore to try and find a happy medium.  And we found it.

Rapunzel picked out The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker.  She picked it because it was about a princess and the picture on the cover looked like the character Rapunzel.  I glanced through it, and went ahead and bought it.  We were both so pleased with this book.  It appealed to her because it referenced a lot of different fairy tales and stories that she's familiar with, but still had it's own storyline.  The characters were interesting and really held her attention.  It also helped that I used fun voices when I read it.  It appealed to me because while it was definitely a fun book, it was not just fluff.  It was very well written and used a great vocabulary that I loved for Rapunzel.

We quickly ordered the sequel, Unlocking the Spell.  We loved it as well.  We are currently waiting on a box set of another series by the same author, that is backordered on amazon.  While I still prefer to read classics during our family read-aloud time (we are currently reading Bridge to Terabithia, slighly edited as I read), I want to keep our bathtime reading a little lighter, so these books are perfect!  It looks like there are still other books by this author that we will check out soon!

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