Monday, May 20, 2013

Stuff Eczema Moms Say

Stop scratching!

Is there an ingredient list I can look at?

What color bandages do you want tonight?

You didn't sleep well last night, did you?

Stop scratching!

Time to order 6 more tubs of Vaniply Ointment!

I wonder if our HSA will cover coconut milk?

Put your socks back on!

Stop scratching!

Ok, I'll leave your hands unwrapped for breakfast, but then they're getting covered!

Honey, can you pick up more bleach, wrap, and cotton bed sheets on your way home?

Time to refill the Mupirocen again!

Stop scratching!

But I just trimmed your fingernails 2 days ago!

Is that 100% cotton?

Our dream vacation destination?  The Dead Sea.

Stop scratching!

I know I said you always have to wear socks, but I didn't mean in the pool.

Yes, it's time for new pajamas again.

She is to eat ONLY the food I packed in her bag.

Stop scratching!

Yes, it's sunbutter and jelly AGAIN.

What do you know about coal tar?

Time to add a third tub soak today.

Stop scratching!

It's cool outside, but the pollen count is too high - must play inside.

The pollen count is low, but it's scorching outside - must play inside.

We'll get some Chick-Fil-A on the way home from the allergist office.

Stop scratching!

Honey, did you remember to the pack the bedsheets in the suitcase?

Here's your gummy vitamin, probiotic, omega-3's, and magnesium.

Do you know how to use an epi-pen?

Stop scratching!

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  1. Oh my !!! I'm tired just from reading it once and to think, you say all that over and over and over!!!