Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swim Lessons

None of my kids know how to swim.  I don't take them to the pool much because they can't swim and it makes me nervous.  I'm sure they'd be better swimmers if we went to the pool more.  See the vicious cycle?

Well now that Aurora is 3 and potty-trained and she can attend a real swim lesson (as opposed to the mommy-and-me type lessons), I decided it was time to find lessons for all the kids.

I was elated when I found lessons at the YMCA where all 4 kids could have a lesson at the exact same time.  Super score!! (See how excited I am... I'm saying things like Super Score).

Hercules and Aurora are in the "preschool" class.  They were the cutest things sitting there in the edge of the pool together.  They are so sweet to each other right now.  They are always encouraging each other and cheering each other on!

Aurora was probably the youngest one in the class, and she was eager to do everything her teacher asked her to do during her assessment.  Hercules was a little more timid, but still did everything they asked him to do.

Belle and Rapunzel are in the "youth" class.  Belle is easily the oldest in there.  I guess most 9 year olds know how to swim, ha!  She didn't care though.  She was so excited to take lessons.  And she did great.  She did everything they asked her to do.

Here she is on the kick board during her assessment.

Rapunzel on the other hand... she had a really hard time.  She was scared that the water would make her skin hurt.  It took her about half the class to even put her feet in the water.  And she never got any further than that.

Here is her super patient teacher, trying to get her into the water.

She was so excited about the lessons up until they started.  And even after we got home, she was saying how she couldn't wait until the next lesson because she was going to "put more of her body into the water next time."  I am so proud of her for even staying with her class and putting her feet in the water.  That was a huge accomplishment for her today.  She didn't come running to me, and she didn't curl up in the fetal position (not the entire time at least).

As soon as the lessons were over, I had her rinse off and I applied moisturizer to her skin before we ever left the pool area.  Hopefully she will warm up to the lessons before they're over.  I just really want her to gain some confidence in the water so that I'll feel more comfortable taking all the kids to the pool or beach this summer.

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