Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway

My sister-in-law is getting married and her bridal shower was this weekend in Houston.  We decided to make a short trip of it.  We usually stay with family, but the last couple of times we did, Belle had trouble with her asthma (because as it turns out, she is allergic to cats and dogs).  And with Rapunzel's very strict skin care routine, it would just be easier to stay in a hotel.  But, we decided this on Wednesday and would be leaving Friday, so I had a lot of work to do!  It's always a lot of work to pack a family of 6, even if just for the weekend.

We recently bought a rolling 3-drawer cart to keep all of Rapunzel's skin care items in the bathroom.  So instead of trying to guess how much of everything we'd need, I just brought the whole cart.  There's a drawer for all of her ointments and moisturizers.  A drawer for her colored wraps.  And a drawer for her bandages.  I also keep a basket with all of the kids medicines on the kitchen counter, so I threw that into one of the drawers.  That made packing a lot easier.

The kids did great on the drive there.  It's nice that Aurora is finally at an age that she does well on roadtrips!

(I'm not sure what face Rapunzel is making here...)

The kids were so excited to get there because I booked a hotel with an indoor pool so that they could go swimming.  They were all SO excited about it. Pools are actually supposed to be really good for eczema, as long as you moisturize the skin immediately after getting out

So as soon as we got to the hotel, the kids changed into their bathing suits and we headed down to the pool.  Only problem:  it was FREEZING cold.  I don't know why I assumed that an indoor pool would be heated, but it wasn't.  Belle, Hercules and I braved the cold water and got in.  Rapunzel and Aurora were having none of it.  I only lasted a few minutes before I decided to give the hot tub a try instead.  It wasn't even really that hot, so I thought Rapunzel might like that, but she was not interested.  After about half an hour, I decided to take her back up to the room and let her soak in the bath and then get her wrapped and in her pajamas.  She much preferred that.  I was really hoping she'd have a good time in the pool.  She'd really been looking forward to it and I knew it'd be good for her skin.

The next day, the kids got to play with their cousins while I went to the shower.  Eric took them to the park and Rapunzel ended up hurting her hands there by digging in a pile of rocks.  :(  She was just not having a good time on this trip.  We got home really late Saturday night, and got up early to go to church on Sunday.   I think Rapunzel was happy to be back to her usual routine (and wearing her green for St. Patrick's Day)!

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