Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Get This {Dairy-Free} Party Started

I've decided to go ahead and start the Dairy Free diet for Rapunzel.  I was going to wait until next week because I'd already planned and bought for our menu this week.  But since I'd already bought the dairy alternatives, I decided that I'd make the changes I could to this week's menu and see if we could go ahead and get started.  So far so good!

I made the decision before lunch yesterday.  So I was able to make lunch and dinner dairy-free.  For lunch the kids had Trader Joe's fish sticks, sweet potato fries, and a banana.  For dinner, I had planned on making Taco Meatloaf (with panko instead of corn chips - but I bet it's so good with corn chips!) and rice.  So I just left the cheese out of the meatloaf, and voila!  Dairy free dinner!

This morning Rapunzel chose some toasted (dairy free) Cinnamon Raisin bread from Sprouts, with Earth Balance coconut spread, and chocolate coconut milk for breakfast.  They were all winners!  She said that the coconut spread tasted just like butter.  I tasted it, and it definitely had a coconut flavor to me, but was really good.  She also LOVED the chocolate coconut milk.  She guzzled it down before her bread was even finished toasting!

She also tried the chocolate coconut yogurt with her morning probiotic and loved it too.  I let all the kids try it.  Belle didn't like it, but she's not a big yogurt fan anyway.  She's really picky about yogurt and there's only been a couple of brands/flavors that she's ever liked.  Hercules and Aurora loved it too though!  I haven't found a yogurt I've ever liked, so I passed on trying it.  I might give it whirl at some point though.

For lunch today I'll be serving chicken sandwiches, chips, strawberries and grapes - all dairy free!  Dinner will be corned beef hash, fried eggs, and fresh fruit.  No dairy there!

I think we can do this!

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