Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We have a list of "things to try" to help Rapunzel's eczema.  It's obviously too overwhelming to try everything at once, so we've been going through the list.  We tried gluten free for 2 months, which was really hard with her corn allergy (so many gluten free products contain corn), and we saw zero change.  Now we're going to try dairy free.  I've spent time researching products and talking to friends who are dairy free and have my game plan.  I made a week-long dairy-free menu and shopping list.  Tonight I made the rounds to Sprouts, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and stocked up on dairy-free foods.  Because I've already shopped for this week, we'll be starting our dairy-free endeavor next week.  We'll most likely stay dairy-free for at least 2 months.  This should put us right at our appt. with the Immunologist, which will be interesting!

Here is our menu for next week:  5 dinners (1 night of leftovers and Sunday nights are always cereal/sandwich/starve nights), 5 lunches (with 1 repeat, and Sunday lunch out - which means I'll pack a lunch for Rapunzel), 5 breakfast options (the kids pick what they want for breakfast from our usual easy go-to items), and 2 homemade snacks (which will be eaten for several days each)

Beef Flautas, refried beans, rice
Hamburger Shell Pasta
Mediterranean Chicken Lemon Soup
Tilapia, zucchini, rice
Brown Sugar Baked Chicken, green beans, roasted potatoes

Lunch (always served with fruit or veggies)
ham sandwiches
sausage and egg tacos
hot dogs
fish sticks
Sunbutter and Jelly sandwiches

Breakfast Options
toast w/ jelly
cinnamon raisin bread w/ Earth Balance Coconut spread
bagel w/ jelly

Homemade Snacks
Maple Glazed Oatmeal Cookies
Granola Bars

The recipes linked are from my friend's blog - they have many more allergies than we do (and different ones), so I do tweak the recipes for our family.

Can't wait to let you all know how our first week dairy-free goes!

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