Monday, March 4, 2013

Now wait a cotton pickin' minute

We visited with some friends of ours last night who have a daughter with severe allergies.  It was part informational, part commiseration, part encouragement, and all very interesting!  Not that I'm glad that any other child has to go through the difficulties that allergies bring, but it's just sometimes nice to be able to know that others have been there and they understand!  We had our eyes opened to a new possibility last night.  Our friends mentioned that their daughter is very allergic to certain fabrics - like wool and polyester.  Ding Ding Ding.  This could be a huge reason for Rapunzel's flares!  Now, we're pretty positive that there are a lot of different things that can be causing her flares, but this one we're investigating a little further.  We checked her pajamas first (since it was bedtime once we got home from visiting with our friends).  She currently has basically 2 different types of pajamas:  Carters microfleece 1 or 2 piece pajamas, and Carters Snug-Fit 2 piece sets.  The snug-fits are 100% cotton so those are good to go.  However, the microfleece are 100% POLYESTER!  Those are outta here.  Next, we checked her bedding.  Her sheets, pillow, and blankets were all either 100% polyester or a polyester blend of some sort.  My husband dug through the linen closet and found one sheet set that was 100% cotton.  On this morning's agenda:  find a new set of 100% cotton bedding.  CHECK!  We went to Target, and she picked out a new quilt and I got her some super soft cotton sheets.  She was so excited about them that she opened them as soon as we got home and set up camp on the couch.

I also spent the morning going through all of her clothes and seeing how much 100% cotton items she had.  Turns out, about half of her clothes were still ok for her to wear.  Most all of her leggings, several shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve), some dresses, and a few skirts were all fine.  So I plan on taking her this week to pick out a few new items to add to her cotton wardrobe.

Now, this may be all for naught, as she may not be reacting to the fabric at all.  But, it's worth a shot!  And any solution that involves shopping, I'm totally game for!

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