Thursday, November 21, 2013

Food Challenge

Rapunzel had another appointment with the Immunologist yesterday.  I took all the kids with me on this trip.
It was a LONG day.  We left home at 7:15am and got home at 11:05pm.

The first thing they did when we got to the appt. was a breathing test.
Rapunzel had to blow into this machine, and try to get the bowling ball in the picture down the lane, and to hit all the pins.  She did it 4 times, then took some puffs from an inhaler, and then did it again a few minutes later.
After that, they took us to the exam room.  They collected the food we brought in for the allergy testing (corn, peas, and orange again) and we waited.  There was lots of waiting.

They finally came in and did the skin test.
The last skin test they did, orange and corn were both kind of inconclusive.  This time, she tested negative to both of them!  She tested more negative to them, than she did to the negative control!
She's still highly allergic to peas.  No peas for Rapunzel!

Since she tested negative to the corn (and corn syrup, which they included on the skin test), we did a food challenge with the corn.

They started by having her eat one kernel.  And then we waited.
Then she ate several bites and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.

She felt great!  No tingling, no stomach ache, no rash.  She passed the food challenge!

She's no longer allergic to corn!!!

After being at the doctor's office for 6 hours, we left just in time to sit in Houston rush hour traffic.
So, it was a very exciting day, with some very exciting results for Rapunzel.  At our next appointment, in six months, we're going to test her soy allergy and possibly do a food challenge with that!

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  1. That is great !!! Let me know the next appt date as soon as you have it scheduled. I will take off work and either "wait" with y'all or take all the other kiddos to do something while you and Erica "wait" together. Love you all !!! ~Mom aka ~Nana