Monday, November 4, 2013

Allergy Testing 2013

Well, Rapunzel has been on her Immunotherapy (allergy shots) for a year now.  So it was time to do another round of allergy testing to see how she's responding.

She was so excited about it.

It took 3 of us to hold her down so that the nurse could administer the test.  But once that part was done, she was fine. She sat up and her tears dried, and she didn't bad another eye.  Trooper!

So, the results...  First the dr came in and went over the numbers.  The reactions were substantially smaller for almost all of the pricks.  She still tested moderate or high for most things, but overall, the results were still better than before.  Some even went away completely!  Which means that the shots are working.  Hallelujah!
So we'll keep on keeping on with the weekly injections.  Funny enough, she doesn't mind those at all.
Belle, on the other hand...
She hates the shots!  But she doesn't have to have her testing done until March.  I already know hers are helping her tons.  She only seems to be really miserable lately when she gets around cats (which she's highly allergic to).

Rapunzel will be seeing the Immunologist again in 2 weeks.

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