Saturday, September 14, 2013

Real Food

When I started removing known allergens from Rapunzel's diet, and therefore from my menu plans, I started just looking for anything that fit the bill. Even if it wasn't the healthiest, as long as it didn't contain her allergens. A lot of changes were healthier. No corn syrup meant somewhat healthier alternatives. But now that we've been avoiding corn (and the others) for over a year, I've begun to realize that I can still do better. So, I've been incorporating more real food meals. I'm not a 100% stickler, but its a change in the right direction. So, with that, I thought I'd share our menu plan for this week:

I still let the kids pick what they want for breakfast from our usual suspects:
Plain yogurt w/ a splash of vanilla and pure maple syrup, sometimes with granola on top
Plain oatmeal with maple syrup
Whole wheat toast with natural jelly or butter
Whole foods cereals
bagels with cream cheese

I don't usually eat the same things as the kids anymore. I will usually eat leftovers from dinner, or make a salad of some sort, sometimes a sandwich on whole wheat bread. You can see more of what I eat by following me on instagram @amberloveseric
But for the kids -
Egg salad, triscuits, cheese stick, raspberries, pineapple, cucumbers
Waffle/cream cheese sandwich, ants on a log, pear
Sliced apple and sunbutter sandwich, hummus and pita chips, carrots
Hummus, cheese, cucumber pita pocket, applesauce, grape tomatoes
Raspberry whole wheat muffins, smoothie pop, plain popcorn (popped sorghum for Rapunzel)

Teriyaki pork tenderloin, sesame noodles, green beans
Taco soup, salad
Stuffed peppers (stuffed with beef, quinoa, beans, veggies)
chicken pesto pasta, black bean soup
Sweet n sour chicken, brown rice, broccoli

Those menus don't really look all that different from past menus. The difference is the ingredients I use.  Real ingredients. Real food.  

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