Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mom to Mom

The other day I was sitting around with a group of ladies and one of them started talking about her son, who is suffering from severe eczema.  Of course my ears perked up.  I started a sentence with, "Have you..." and in the second I paused, she answered, "Yes."  Oh, how I know that feeling.  When everyone around you is offering their advice and what helped their child, or their friend's child, or some random thing they read online that one time.  All well-meaing, all just trying to show support and care.  But, yeah, we've tried it all.  I wasn't even going to ask, "Have you tried.. (fill in the blank)."  I actually wanted to know if she'd been able to pin-point his triggers.  And as I remembered answering myself at one point, "It's everything" was her answer.

I will not ever call myself an eczema expert.  Eczema is a tricky little disease that presents itself differently in everyone.  So I know that what helped Rapunzel, may not help another child.  And I know how completely overwhelming any information can be when you're in the thick of the journey.  But I also know how badly I want to help them in any way that I can.

So, I told her I wouldn't offer up any advice, because I know she's tried everything.  But that I've been there.  I'm still there.  Just because Rapunzel's eczema is clear for the moment, all it can take is a small backslide and we could be right back in the middle of it again.  And that if she had any questions or just needed someone to talk to, I'm here.  She's doing an amazing job!

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