Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Soy Test

Rapunzel had another appointment with the Immunologist last week.  This time, we were retesting for soy, with a possible food challenge.  We were in town for family stuff anyway, so Eric took the other kids to Chick Fil A to eat and play while we hung out at the hospital for the appointment.  We had a pretty sweet set-up!

There was a Nintendo 64 and recliner!  We played Mario Party together while we waited.

They did the skin test on her arm: positive, negative, serum, edamame, soy milk.
This was just after the stuck her.

This was after a few minutes.  Already starting to look positive.

I didn't take anymore pictures because I was trying to keep Rapunzel's mind off of the itching.  And once the dr. came in and told us what we already knew (she was still VERY allergic), and that there wouldn't be a food challenge, we gathered our things to get outta there!

We go back in 1 year and then we will retest for pea.  Hoping for a negative test and then a food challenge!

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