Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Menu

Things around here are go go go as we wind summer down and prepare for our new school year.  I've been asked to share about our homeschool, so I'll be doing that in an upcoming post.

Rapunzel's skin has been doing pretty well lately.  She still has some small flares in her usual places (elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, neck), but they're small, and not head to toe.  We are so grateful for that!

I just thought I'd do an installment of our weekly menu, since I'm finally back to cooking again now that Eric is home.  We had friends over last Thursday night, Belle's 10th birthday party last Friday night, and more friends over on Saturday for lunch.  I always order/make/buy too much food so we're having leftover soup, bean tacos, pizza, and sub sandwiches for lunches this week.  So I only planned dinners.

Monday - Lemon Garlic Chicken, couscous, green beans
Tuesday - Picadillo tacos, spanish rice
Wednesday - Pork Roast, apples and sweet potatoes
Thursday - Tilapia, zucchini, orzo
Friday - SURPRISE!
Saturday - leftovers

As I put up groceries this weekend, I noticed that I had several things in the freezer that needed to be used.  So I declared Friday to be surprise night, where I come up with a meal from what we have on hand.  I know it sounds like no big thang.  But I am a planner.  Normally, my eye starts to twitch when I think about having to come up with a meal, without planning ahead.  But I'm going to accept the challenge this time and have a little fun with it.

And I will leave you with a few pictures from Belle's birthday party.  I can't believe I have a 10 year old!

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